Are you going on holiday to La Manga del Mar Menor? If you have researched a bit already, you probably noticed that La Manga has a lot of different places you can sleep at. Here at Cloverhut, we understand that finding a place to rest at night is not always easy when there is a lot of supply. So, we have made a small list with 5 of the best hotels you can encounter in La Manga del Mar Menor. Keep in mind that by taking part in our raffle, you could win an apartment in La Manga and forget about hotel fees when you visit La Manga.

Best Hotels in La Manga:

  1. AluaSun Doblemar
  2. Poseidon La Manga Hotel & Spa
  3. Servigroup Galua
  4. Los Delfines
  5. Aparthotel Londres

1.AluaSun Doblemar

The AluaSun Doblemar hotel is part of a chain of luxury hotels from the group Alua. The hotel is situated right in front of the beach and also possesses a swimming pool in case you do not feel like swimming in the Mediterranean sea. From your room, you will enjoy amazing scenery and state-of-the-art amenities. The great thing about this hotel is that even though the service and the room are great, it still comes at an affordable rate. You can book a one-night stay for 65€. You will be located 10 metres away from the beach and close to all the shops and services offered in La Manga. This 4-star hotel also comes with a private parking so that you can park your car for free right in front of the building.

2.Poseidon La Manga Hotel & Spa

The Poseidon La Manga Hotel & Spa will provide you with a true luxury experience.

They offer different types of rooms that start at 112.65€ for the simplest room. That room comes with two single beds and a bathroom. As you know, La Manga is a place that is cycling friendly, and the Poseidon Hotel offers to accommodate you with your bike. By going for the Double Cycling Friendly room, you will get the simple room with a bike parking. Then, they also offer the Double Bubble room which is similar to the simple room with an additional access to the pool and jacuzzi. That room comes at price of 125.95€ per night. Last but not least is the Jacuzzi Junior Suite that can accommodate up to 4 people.

There is a double bed and a sleeper sofa. In addition to that, there is a private jacuzzi in the room which you can enjoy at any time of the day for a total of 160€ per night. The rooms and the restaurant are not the best parts of the hotel. The spa is probably the place where you will find happiness and peace. There are a wide range of services offered such as hydrotherapy, facial and body massages, mud massages, etc.

3.Servigroup Galua

The Servigroup Galua hotel is a bed and breakfast situated in front of the beach in La Manga giving you stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It has been awarded an excellent grade by Trivago and is now considered as one of the 10 best hotels on the Spanish Coast. The hotel has a total of 194 rooms ranging from 38€ to 140€ per night. The Servigroup hotel is perfect for people looking to have a spectacular experience at an affordable price. The Suite Bleue supplies a spacious room with a tub that also acts as a jacuzzi, a small living room, a double bed and bathroom. All of that comes in an open floor plan with bright windows that exhibit sea views. There is a possibility to make a reservation with breakfast and spa. For the sports fanatics, the Servigroup Galua can also provide you with a gym pass.

4.Los Delfines

Similarly to the other hotels mentioned above, the Los Delfines Hotel is located on the beachfront in La Manga del Mar Menor. This bed and breakfast offers two different types of rooms: the standard room and the junior suite. During the summer, these rooms can become quite pricey with the basic one starting at 145€ per night and the suite at 176€ per night. This bed and breakfast also has a swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a paid parking. Needless to mention that there is also a restaurant where you’ll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5.Aparthotel Londres

The Aparthotel Londres is a building containing several studios and small apartments. You can rent them similarly to a hotel room. Each apartment has a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen and a small living room and a bathroom. The aparthotel Is great for people who intend to spend a lot of time in their rooms and make the most out of it. In addition to this, a lot of different activities are offered. There is a possibility to rent bikes, play minigolf and tennis, go to the gym or for a swim and entertain your children on the playground. Prices range from 100€ to 160€ depending on if you want breakfast and other meals and obviously, the season.

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