Acquiring a new house is always one of the most exciting steps we go through in life. Whether you bought it or won it thanks to a Cloverhut raffle, getting the keys to your new Spanish house will always be a big deal. In order to feel like a home, your house must have a vibe. Your own personal vibe that reflects your personality and what you stand for. In this article, we are going to give you 5 tips to help you make your new Spanish house feel like a home.

5 Tips:

  1. Showcase your memorabilia.
  2. Carefully select your furniture
  3. Customize your walls.
  4. Do not forget flowers, art, and scents.
  5. Create your memories.

Showcase Your Memorabilia

A house can never be a home if you do not customize it with your memorabilia. There are many ways you can do so to make your house look and feel great. You can first start by taking pictures and using them to decorate your furniture. Interior design means everything as it will create your house identity. As you know, home is where the heart is. Consequently, make sure to showcase your memorabilia to show guests who you are and what you like in life. The best thing is that exposing your personal souvenirs and pictures will create a feeling of trust and comfort.

Carefully Select Your Furniture

The furniture industry is constantly evolving. With technology getting involved, it is now easier than ever to get your hands on cheap, great-looking furniture. Just like anything else in your house, you should make sure that your furniture fits your place and is in harmony with the rest. Nowadays, a lot of companies offer phone applications that can help you find the perfect set of furniture. These apps allow you to picture exactly how what you are considering buying will fit in your house: They are using augmented reality or virtual reality technology that measures the size of your rooms and places the furniture in your room with the exact features you would like. In regard to furniture, Ikea will always be a go-to spot if you are on a strict budget. You can access an array of beds, wardrobes, cabinets and more for a cheap price.

In the last few years, different styles of furniture have emerged. A current trend is the Scandinavian style which gives a sleek minimalist appearance to your house. People seem to enjoy this new trend of getting more for less. The less furniture there is in a room, the more elegant it looks. Another is to do it yourself. People also like to recycle parts of old furniture to create new ones. For instance, a lot of people use old pallets to build themselves a bed frame. There are many more examples that you can inspire yourself from to make your house feel like a home.

Customize Your Walls

As you know the walls of your Spanish house play a big part in its look. Colours and materials can be used to give your house a different look. Colours like white are used to give an impression of openness and more space. Black can make a room feel more private and intimate. Interior design specialists claim that wood gives a warm feeling to a house. Having a brick wall is also a great way of making your house look different. Interior designers also recommend hiring an artist to draw on your walls. It could be anything like a painting of you and your children to a painting of something that you strongly value. Doing this is going to add a lot of character and personality to your new house.

Flowers, Art, and Scents

Several houses in one place can look similar, but something that is very unique to each house is the smell. Indeed, every house has a different smell. This is caused by the fact that we all use our space for different purposes. A great way to make your new Spanish home your own is to invest in scents. A lot of different companies sell in the form of candles, incense or home perfumes. A great smell also reflects your personality and adds a lot of character to a place. Speaking of scent, flowers are also known to have amazing smells. There are some great benefits to having plants at home. It can improve your quality of sleep, improve your mood, reduce stress, and remove toxins out of the air. Flowers have always looked fantastic in a house and will never cease to do so. Do not forget artwork. Artwork of yourself and your family can be done for less than 200€. They look fantastic in a living room and give the house some form of identity. Other pieces of art such as Swords, Buddha statues, Paintings and signs will also help you turn your house into a nice, pleasant home.

Create Some Memories

Creating memories comes last but it is, in our opinion, one of the biggest keys in regard to turning your house into a home. By creating memories, we mean that you should organize memorable activities with friends and family. Examples include family dinners, small parties, cooking clubs, etc. There is a multitude of activities that can take place in your new Spanish home. Not only will it help your house feel more like a home, but it will also help maintain relationships and bond with your people. Stepping into one’s house is like stepping into one’s privacy. A home is always very personal and private. It is usually a place where only privileged people have the opportunity to come and go. Create some memories in your house that will always make you feel like you are at home.

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