Thunderball is a draw game in the United Kingdom (UK) ran by the National Lottery, which also runs the Lotto. What differentiates Thunderball from other draw games is that it offers many different fixed prizes. 

It is known that the National Lottery, which operates Thunderball, advocates responsible gambling. The amount of this small lottery is more realistic, as it offers smaller prizes, as compared to other jackpots, but increases the participants' chances of winning. 

  1. History of Thunderballl
  2. How to play Thunderball
  3. How to win the Thunderball
  4. What are the prizes of the Thunderball
  5. Playing Thunderball online
  6. Thunderball draw results

History of Thunderball

In the UK the tradition of gambling dates back to the 17th century, but the National Lottery was only created in 1994. The first Thunderball draw took place a few years later in 1999. The lotteries organized by the Camelot Group reach a vast majority of the UK population of legal age. Part of Thunderball's earnings go to charity.

The game underwent a major overhaul in May of 2010, with the introduction of a new rank from 34 to 39, the addition of the Friday draw, twice the chance of winning a prize but half the chance of winning the jackpot.

The jackpot is a fixed amount, capped at £500,000. Any money not won is not transferrable to the consecutive game. 

How to play Thunderball

The premise is easy. Participants of legal age may purchase a ticket for £1 and each grid is composed of 39 numbers from which participants must choose 5 numbers and a complementary ball, the Thunderball, between 1 and 14. Participants may also rely on the Lucky Dip to receive a random selection of numbers. The next step is to define the number of lines of play offered on each ticket and decide on the number of ballots, keeping in mind  that the set maximum of ballots is 10. Among the many options available, you can save your favourite numbers and simply tick the appropriate box in future games or simply replay the numbers you chose in your last bet. All you have to do is choose the draws from the 4 available each week. 

How to win the Thunderball

This lotto has the particularity of offering fixed winnings. Draws are held 4 times a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and are broadcasted live on BBC One

The odds of winning the Thunderball are 1 in 8,060,598. Prizes range from £3 to £500,000 in 9 different prize categories. Winners of the jackpot have 5 correct numbers and the thunderball. The second prize is awarded with 5 correct numbers, but without the thunderball. 

What are the prizes of the Thunderball

Due to the nature of the Thunderball, which offers fixed winnings per row, even for the jackpot, anyone who ticks all 5 numbers plus the Thunderball wins half a million pounds. So there are no very big winners, but there are plenty of small winners. This being, ticking the Thunderball increases the value of the earnings. 

Ticking 5 numbers will award the winner £5,000. If the participants guesses 4 correct numbers, he will earn £100 and if he guesss 4 correct numbers plus the Thunderball, the participant will earn £250. If the participant guesses 3 balls, he will obtain £10 and £20 with the Thunderball. If the participants guesses 2 balls and the Thunderball, he will obtain £10, if he guesses 1 ball and the Thunderball, he will obtain £5, and if he only guesses the Thunderball, he will obtain £3.

Playing Thunderball online

Tickets to play can be purchased online, and in the relevant distributions locations. Participants playing online must select the desired numbers or use the Lucky dip. After selecting the numbers, the participant may proceed with the completion of the payment. After completing the payment, the participant will receive a confirmation email specified during the registration of the user

The participants' ticket will be automatically verified, and even in the case of the smallest winnings, the participant will receive an email notification notifying the win and its nature. 

All prizes that do not exceed £5,000 will be automatically paid into the winners account, however, those prizes exceeding that amount, the winner will be contacted to help resolve any problems related to receiving the prize. 

Thunderball draw results

The weekly draws provide equal chances to win at Thunderball. Depending on the day, the draws take place between 7:30pm and 11pm. They are broadcasted live on BBC One national television, BBC Radio 5 live and online at the gaming sites. Once the participants has won, he will have 180 days from the draw to collect the winnings. However, if the participants loses the ballot, they is no way to redeem the prize,  the participant in question will still be donating to charities and contributing to a good cause as any unclaimed prizes will be donated to them

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