Have you always dreamed of living on the road, following your instincts and travelling without stopping? Travelling in a campervan is synonymous with freedom, travelling and discovering. A campervan or a motorhome will allow you to go on the road whenever you feel like it, whether for two days or several weeks. This way of travelling is progressively becoming more and more popular since the crisis of Covid-19

  1. Buying or renting a campervan
  2. How to customize your campervan
  3. Campervan roadtrip in Spain

Buying or renting a campervan

If you are not sure if you are going to fall in love with travelling by campervan, we suggest you first try renting a van or a motorhome to try it out for a weekend trip. There are many rental companies that rent campervans and motorhomes for many reasonable prices

Keep in mind that these vehicles come in very different models, for all types of people, not to mention, if you buy your campervan, you get to decide how you want it to be designed and adjust it to your preferences and needs!

How to customize your campervan

This way of travelling has become more and more popular these past few years following the crisis of the Covid-19 epidemic; facing many travel restrictions, people started noticing the comfort of campervans and how it can make your country all the more spectacular through a different perspective and set of eyes. 

It is important to customize and decorate you campervan well to make your trip all the more comfortable and adventurous! Building a van is not that complicated, you have to remember to place insulation, choosing the size of the bed, the kitchen, installing a solar panel, storage peace and decorating!

To add a bohemian touch, we recommend to illuminate your campervan with garlands. You can choose the one that best suits your mood: coloured fairground balls or more sober white balls.

To optimize the restricted space, we recommend to add small hooks to support plants or small zinc buckets to hold your accessories. Decorate the walls with small frames. Install mini-shelves to dress up the walls and display small decorative objects. Take advantage of the walls to prevent the lack of space resulting from the accumulation of furniture. Additionally, your vehicle will gain personality without taking up too much space. 

Don't forget to change the curtains! These vehicles tend to have many windows, which are necessary for the light to enter, however, if you plan to sleep there, so much light might quickly become a burden. To avoid this, think about curtains or other alternatives. If you go for curtains, choose trendy fabrics and moderns shades that match the color of your walls and floor!

When thinking about what colour to paint your cupboards, it is recommended you opt for a colour that is full of life that will immediatly give your interior a holiday feel.

 Also, it is recommended to cover the benches with fabrics. If you are looking to have that gipsy campervan effect, try alternating different patterns. You can also add colourful cushions that will immediately give a welcoming feeling of comfort.

Lastly, don't forget about the exterior! Don't hesitate in setting out a rug, a shade cloth and some chairs, to be able to chill outside and enjoy whichever view you decided to admire! Decorate the exterior with hanging lanterns and garlands to make your evening all the more special and romantic. 

Here are some tips to make it feel even more like a home!

Campervan roadtrip in Spain

There are many beautiful roadtrips to do in Spain, especially if you own a campervan.

If you are trying to avoid the hot weather in the summertime, we suggest you go to the Pyrenees. There, you will see nature in its purest state and with a lot of variety. In the Pyrenees you will see all types of different landscapes: valleys, rivers, lakes, forests.. you name it! Additionally, if some routes are not accessible in your van, just remember, you can hike. Aside for welcoming a lot of tourists and people during the ski season, the Pyrenees also welcome many hikers once the snow leaves, this means that there are many routes and shelthers for hikers.

Once there, it is recommended you check out the Aragonese part and visit Alquezar, which is a historical heritage site in the Sierra Natural Park. There you will be able to enjoy many different activities such as going down canyons or going horse back riding. 

Picos de Europa is another top destination for campervan travellers. It spans across three different autonomous communities: Cantabria, Leon and Asturias. The Picos de Europea National Park is one of the world's best reserves of Atlantic forest ecosystems. We recommend you go there and let your mind be blown, however, be advised, the climate is quite unstable and it is not advised to go there is you are a beginner and it is your first trip. 

One of our favorite picks is to follow the route through the Tabernas desert. Between Granada and Cabo de Gata, there is 177km to travel through the Tabernas desert. The desert is the main attraction of the route, as it combines stunning natural scenery with picturesque routes. However, it is recommended to visit the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, with its beautiful beaches and numerous coves. 

Additionally, there are beautiful excursions to do through the Tabernas desert, such as the Cerro Alfaro. Once at Cabo de Gata, it is also recommended to stop at the Monsul beach, and going to Mesa Roldanwithin the municipality of Carboneras to enjoy the sunrise and sunset in a picturesque environment. 

These were just some of our top picks, however, Spain is full of little gems and spots to camp at night with beautiful landscapes. 

Enjoy a roadtrip through the South of Spain and park your campervan in your new home! Wait no more! Participate in our next raffle and get the chance to win a home in the beautiful Spanish coastline from only £2!