Would you like to visit Spain? There are a couple great places in Spain and Vera Playa is one of them if you like beaches, sun and going out for drinks. Vera is a place where you will be able to enjoy your time off due to the multiple activities available, the places you can visit and the hot Spanish weather. That being said, here is an article about what to do in Vera Playa (Almeria).

Table of Contents:

  1. The History of Vera
  2. How to Get to Vera from the UK?
  3. How is the Climate in Vera?
  4. Which Activities Can You Do in Vera?
  5. How to Purchase Spanish Property?

The History of Vera

Vera is a Spanish city located in Andalusia in the province of Almeria. The city lies between Murcia and Almeria and has a population of approximately 17000 inhabitants. Size wise, the town is indeed very small. Its surface of 58 km makes the city tremendously peaceful and welcoming.

The town of Vera is a melting pot of different cultures that spans two millennia of history. The first settlement of the Carthaginians, Romans and Moorish was situated at Baria near Villaricos. The settlement was then moved from the coast to the interior of the country in the Cerro del Espiritu Santo. In 1518, a violent earthquake destroyed everything standing in its way causing 150 deaths. In the following years, the remaining inhabitants moved to the current location and rebuilt their city in a rectangular shape with eight towers and two gates. Additionally, a fortress was built to prevent attacks from pirates. 300 years later, the town was expanded to support its prominent mining activity. Vera is now known for being a touristic location that offers a lot of different activities.

How to get there from the United Kingdom?

The easiest way to travel from London to Vera is probably by plane. When you visit Spain, always go for the faster and cheaper alternative. This alternative is cheaper than others and will save you a lot of time. What you must do is hop on the plane at London Heathrow airport and fly to Madrid. From there, you will have to catch another flight from Madrid to Almeria. Once you are at the airport, we would suggest you get a taxi to the bus station and get on a bus to Vera. The one-way trip is going to set you back approximately 200 euros depending on the period of the year. It takes about 10 hours to get there so make sure that you bring something to entertain yourself during the journey. If you choose to get there by car, keep in mind that you will have highway and fuel costs. The total journey time is about 24h without any breaks.

What is the Climate Like in Vera?

During the whole year, Vera Playa is one of the lucky towns that enjoy a Mediterranean climate. In that area, temperatures never fall below 18ºC. Similarly to other cities in Andalusia, the temperatures in Vera rise in the summer months to about above 35ºC. Do not forget your sunscreen when you plan on hanging out at the beach. Generally, it gets a bit colder during the winter months. As previously mentioned, temperatures rarely fall under 18ºC. With that being said, a cold winter in Vera is very different from a cold winter in London.

Which Activities Can You Do in Vera?

When you visit Spain, you will notice that most touristic places offer outstanding facilities and activities. Vera is no different. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, beaches, resorts, etc. As tourists, you probably do not know where to start so we put together a list of 5 activities you can do.

1. Day at the Beach

Beaches in Vera Playa are great. They run from the south to the north for 7km. From Vera Playa to Puerto Rey, there is a naturist beach which is known to be one of the best naturist beaches in Europe. There, you will find a resort in which you will never have to wear any clothes.

2. Plaza de Toros de Vera

Plaza de Toros is a classic bull arena in which classic Spanish corridas are held. Flamenco shows are also organised there at times. You can enter the 19th century building for free and take part in a 10-minute tour. The guides are extremely pleasant and informing. The only issue is that tours are in Spanish only.

3. Parque Acuático Aquavera

If you happen to have a free day with your children, we suggest you go to the Parque Acuático Aquavera. There are a couple waterslides and bars for you to sip your tinto de Verano while your children have fun in the pool. The entry fee is about 25€ per person but you can find 50% discounts on their website.

4. Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación

The Iglesia is a beautiful church in Vera. Located on the main square of the town, this fortress church illustrates the rich history of the town. You will notice a beautiful church with small windows. If you have the opportunity to go there, ask for the priest that takes care of the building. He is very nice and will share amazing facts about the place.

5. Cerro del Espíritu Santo

The Cerro del Espíritu Santo is a place that you absolutely have to go to in Vera. It is a mountain on which there is a sculpture of Jesus. From up there, the views of the city are magnificent. The good thing is that it is free and the climb is not difficult.

How to Purchase Spanish Property in Spain?

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