Do you need to recharge your batteries this summer? Then La Manga, Murcia is the place to go!

La Manga is one of the top destinations in Murcia for tourists due to the sun, the sand, the beaches, the creeks the water sports, hikes and leisure.

La Manga del Mar Menor is also known as a paradise between two seas. You can enjoy watching the sunrise on one sea and the sunset on the other.

  1. Where is La Manga, Murcia and how to get there?
  2. What to do in La Manga, Murcia this summer?

Where is La Manga, Murcia and how to get there?

La Manga del Mar Menor is located in southwestern Spain, in the region of Murcia. It is a stretch of land just over 20 kilometres long, which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor. It extends from the Cabo de Palos lighthouse to the Parque de las Salinas in San Pedro del Pinatar.

There are many ways to get to La Manga del Mar Menor. To get to Murcia from other countries or to move around Spain, there are many options including taking the plane, the train or the bus.

Depending on the place of origin and the amount of time you have to spare, the recommended means of transport will change, but coming from abroad, you will most likely travel by plane.

From abroad, you can either go to the Murcia or the Alicante airport

From the Región de Murcia International Airport, there are bus services which you can take to go to Murcia, Cartagena, Mazarrón or La Manga. You can also go by taxi to your final destination, however, there is a single fare to the centre of Murcia of €29.

If you travel to the Alicante airport and wish to go to Murcia, there are direct buses that cost €5. The journey usually takes an hour. You can also travel to the centre of Alicante and take the suburdban train to Murcia, however, the trip will cost you almost €10 and it is more uncomfortable and long

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What to do in La Manga, Murcia this summer?

Sailing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, canoeing and many others are some of the many fun activities you can do in La Manga this summer! The large and small sea of La Manga offer multiple possibilities to practice any water sports. You'll find many school and companies organising activities all around the area.

Additionnally, the Mar Menor is known to be a flat sea that is not too deep which makes it perfect for sports such as kayaking and paddle surfing and safe for children!

We also recommend you go to the San Pedro del Pinatar Regional park of Salinas and the Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar. This park is the most important wetland in the Region of Murcia, as it is the nesting and resting place of many species of birds, including flamingos. The diversity of flora and fauna is the main reason to go check it out as it gives this landscape its prominence.  If you go there, we definitely recommend to grab a bike and go early in the morning to enjoy the stunning sunrise.

If you are interested in cultural and historal tourism, but also breathtaking views, then we recommend you go visit the Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas! It is a fishing village located in the south of La Manga which stands out for its seabed, as it forms part of the marine reserve of Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas. Here you will find its lighthouse, more than 50 metres high and 150 years old, which can be seen from various points of La Manga. From the vicinity of the lighthouse, you can see La Manga, the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

Cabo the Palos is not only a big lighthouse, it hides at its feet, a small cove with crystalline waters, which is an ideal place for snorkelling and scuva diving. You can sign up for a day of snorkelling and you will enjoy 3 hours in the coves of this natural area.

If you are more of an adrenalin junkie then, canyoning and kayaking are other fun activities you can do in the region! Discover a unique and protected natural place hidden in the northwest of the region of Murcia. You can venture into the Almadenes canyon by kayak or rafting with professional guides. Rafting or kayaking down the Segura river in the Almadenes canyons will leave you speechless, not to mention you'll have the chance to visit the Monigotes cave!

Here is something you probably don't typically associate with fun summer activities: mud baths! The mud from Las Charcas de las Salinas is the result of centuries of sunlight and the highly saline waters of the Mar Menor. Over the years, it has become a main tourists activity. If you wish to know more about it and its benefits on health, click here.

Lastly, here is a something a little different that you can do that is definitely worthwhile! you can go check out urban art in Los Alcazares, which is on the shores of the Mar Menor. Overall, more than 150 paintings have been made on the facades of houses by international and national artists.

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