It seems that there are certain places in the world that fit different stages of life. Noticeably, many Spanish students decide to study abroad, whilst many British citizens decide to retire abroad as well, in sunny and comfortable places. Spain seems to be an ideal destination for those wishing to retire. Spain's quality of life, sunny days, positive atmosphere and good prices is, without hesitation, one of the favorite places to retire amongst Europeans. 

  1. Spanish students studying in the United Kingdom
  2. How has Brexit impacted foreign students in the United Kingdom
  3. Spain: the perfect destination for retirement
  4. How has Brexit impacted the retirement of British retirees in Spain

Spanish students studying in the United Kingdom

International students play a key role in shaping the profile of higher education in the UK and make the country the second most popular destination in the world for international students. They contribute to a fertile learning environment and universities therefore take the international student experience very seriously. But the experience is also worthwhile on a personal level as students have the chance to get acquainted with people from all over the world and different cultures. These connections result in the enrichment of students on the personal level, leading to open mindness, tolerance and a greater capacity of adaptation

For the past few years, the UK has been registering a gradual increase in the number of Spanish university students choosing the country as a study destination. The British university system is the most powerful in Europe and second most powerful in the world. Several UK universities rank amongst the top 10 in the world and many rank the top 200. The high employment rate and low dropout rate, and the satisfaction levels of its students are other major attraction factors.

Spanish students mostly go to London, then Scotland and the South East of England

How has Brexit impacted foreign students in the United Kingdom

The officialisation of Brexit created much confusion amongst foreigners that lived there, especially foreign students. For this reason, the British government ensured that all Spanish students and students from other European Union (EU) countries who were already studying in the UK or who began to do so before the official Brexit date, which was on the 31st of December of 2019, could enjoy the same university fees and student loas as British residents until the end of their studies. 

Being aware of the popularity and the prestige of their universities worldwide, it was essential for the British government to find a solution for a smooth transition into independence from the EU. 

Nowadays, it is still possible to study in the UK, however, conditions for new students, post Brexit, have changed. The UK no longer participates in the Erasmus+ programme, which directly increases tuiton fees, which are, ever since, higher for international students. Each institution sets its own prices.

A degree from the UK is recognised in Spain and all throughout Europe, ECTS credits are still valid regardless of the Brexit and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still valid in the UK. This card is valid for two years for students, tourists and workers.

If you wish to know more social security and healtcare in Spain after Brexit, click here

Spain: the perfect destination for retirement

Spain has always been an attractive destination for British retirees in places such as Marbella, Malaga or even the Balearic and Canary Islands.

There are more and more individuals choosing Spain as a retirement destination. The reason for choosing Spain is due to prices, health, connections with other countries and the climate.

Health care is excellent, crime is low and retiree visas are easy to obtain. Additionally, Spain is cheaper than most European countries.

Additionally, it is known that Spanish people live a desirable lifestyle that outstands from other European countries. Spanish citizens have a different rythm, people are friendly and live most of their life outside due to the advantageous climate, not to the Spanish great cuisine. All these factors make of Spain a welcoming, warm, attractive and easy going place to live.

How has Brexit impacted the retirement of British retirees in Spain

British people have  often vacacioned in Spain, even bought summer homes. But Brexit has complicated the retirement plans of British people.

It is now way more complicated for British citizens to come and live in countries from the EU. Those who have a second home in Spain also experience problems. Find out more about property ownership in Spain after Brexit here.

UK citizens may of course still move to Spain, however, because of Brexit, the process became a little more difficult than it used to be. For travellers who have a second home in Spain, they will not be able to stay for more than 90 days in a six-month period in Europe with a tourist visa. When it comes to moving to Spain, retirees will have to complete requirements in order to gain residency and obtain a regular residence permit. Those requirements include a proof of income, meaning that the retiree will have to prove to have enough income and sufficient funds to live in Spain. In addition, retirees will have to prove that they do not suffer from an illness that could present a public risk.

Additionally, there is a special non-lucrative visa that allows citizens from all over the world to retire to Spain and who do not perform any type of economic activity. This visa does not entail the lack of income from abroad, one of its main requirements includes the demonstration of the possession of sufficient economic means to live in Spain. This visa is the perfect option for British people to come retire to Spain! Find out everythig you need about to to apply for a visa here.

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