Can I Buy Numbers on Behalf of Someone Else?

In order to buy numbers on behalf of someone else, you must register their personal information. At the time of the purchase, make sure you leave their email in the form so that they can receive the numbers you purchased on their behalf.

On special occasions we add offers that allow us to give away numbers in the form of discount codes for friends/family. These are time-limited, so please read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully. 

Having said that,  you can use your friend code to give your friend a special discount and  get yourself more issues at no extra cost. 

Remember that if you want to become the new owner of your dream house, without a mortgage, you put down 2€. Furthermore, if you join the CloverClub, you could multiply your chances and take advanges of special benefits (exclusive raffles, discounts...). The luck is waiting for you!

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