What Does Cloverhut Guarantee You?

The security and transparency in our house raffle are our top priority. We want you to trust us as we will never do you wrong! We offer:

  • The delivery of the house is guaranteed
  • We set a limit of numbers available 
  • NO deadline delays 

Cloverhut has delivered 100% of its prizes including the house of the first raffle in Vera Playa (Almeria).

To ensure complete transparency, we will:

  • Broadcast the draw in a livestream
  • Hold it in front of a notary

Cloverhut and all of our raffles are legal and follow the rules established by the Gambling Commission and the Gambling Act of 2005.

You can check our Terms & Conditions to inform yourself about all the details of our raffles.

Spending only 2€ means having better chances to become a new owner of a house in Spain. Enter the online raffle NOW!

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