How Can I Get a Free Entry?

All of our competitions free draws, which means that you have the option of participate for free in all of our raffles.

To participate for free, follow these steps:

  1. Create your Account
  2. Grab a blank sheet of paper and start by describing the reason you are writing for. Do not forget to mention the competition you would like to enter.
  3. Finish the letter signing it and sending it to our postal address

Attention: Illegible handwritings will force us to invalidate your entry. You can find our address and required information our page of Free Entry

After this process, we need to validate your postal entry. As soon we processed your information,  you will officially become a participant of our house raffle. Consider that it is not valid if you do not see it appear on your profile after a few days. 

Good luck and keep it mind that you only get one number by-post process. If you want more chances to win and more numbers, you will have to repeat the process or buy your numbers with our special offers on our website.

Do you need more help? Write us