How Long Can I Spend in Spain after Brexit if I Win the House?

All the houses we raffled are located in Spain and we chose them for three reasons: its proximity to the sea, its privileged views and its comfort. You can see the new Grand Prize Home Raffle, with a house with full sea-views to Mediterranean Sea in Murcia.

Being a British company based in London and focused on the UK market, it is very likely that an English person might ask, what happens if I win the house?Will I be able to travel to Spain? Will I be able to enjoy my new home?

From January 2021, British citizens, like any third-country national, will have to comply with the entry requirements set out in the Schengen Borders Code:

  • Justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay and have sufficient means of subsistence, both for the period of the intended stay and for the return journey
  • UK travellers who want to travel to Spain can only stay for a maximum period of 3 months every 6 months.

This means that you will only be able to stay in Spain for a total of 90 days every 180 days  on one or more visits. This means that you can extend your stay in Spain up to a maximum of 6 months (180 days) per year in two periods of 3 months. 

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you having property in Spain does not change any laws in relation to the 180 days rule. As a result, you will only be allowed to stay in your house for 90 maximum every six months

Also, to travel between the UK and Spain, you must be in possession of a valid passport and, although a visa is not required for short stays, you may have your passport stamped. 

How to Obtain Spanish Citizenship?

  • If they were already residing in Spain before January 2021 or were in the country during 2020, they can still apply for the application of the transitional residence permit under the withdrawal agreement.
  • If you start the procedure from scratch, to live more than 3 months in Spain, any UK citizen will now have to apply for a valid residence permit: the EU registration certificate would no longer be an option. This makes the process more time-consuming and entails higher requirements.

Keep in Mind! On the day this is being written, all travellers from outside Spain should be aware of the COVID regulations and follow the updated regulatory procedures regarding vaccinations and diagnostic tests.

Win a Dream Home in Spain with full sea-views to Mediterranean Sea in Murcia is a unique opportunity! After Brexit you will be able to enjoy your new home without any problems for your holidays and even move in if you wish to do so. You can enter Grand Prize Home Raffle NOW!

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