Is it Legal to Raffle My House?

The act of raffling a house in the United Kingdom is 100% legal. However, the UK government states that lotteries and raffles can only be ran for non-profit purposes such as charities, hospitals, etc.

At Cloverhut, we organize free draws which, in contrast to lotteries, can be organised by private and public for-profit companies. The difference between lotteries and free draws is that free draws provide a paid and free entry route. Having said that, raffling a house is entirely legal provided that you organize a free draw on our digital platform.  You have check how does the process work or which are our requirements to your house can be raffled.

Keep in mind that our draws are always broadcasted live on our website and held before a notary. They ensure that all policies are respected and officialize the delivery of our prizes.

If you would like to raffle your home instead of selling it, make sure you check out how to do it through our dedicated website section

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