Which are my benefits as a member of CloverClub?

The real question is why should you not? Joining the Cloverclub only has advantages for you. The CloverClub is flexible and you can join it by paying the price that you want. All you have to do is choose your favourite option.

The advantages start at this very moment! With CloverClub you subscribe to a number pack. You will monthly pay the amount of the pack that you chose with a 15% off. 

Once you are a member of the CloverClub for the price you have chosen per month you:

  • Get the number of tickets of your choosing every month
  • Receive free numbers in the month of your birthday
  • Can enter exclusive cash prize raffles every week
  • Can enter exclusive raffle for a holiday in Spain for two every two months
  • Rerserve your lucky numbers for next house raffles

That's not all! For a limit time only, you can join CloverClub FREE for the first month!

What else is holding you back? If the CloverClub perks are so great, why should you not benefit from them. Join NOW!

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