Why Can I trust House Raffles in the UK?

Here at Cloverhut, we are all about transparency and security.Our raffles are safe and completely legal as they follow the regulations of the Gambling Commission and the Gambling Act of 2005. As a result, what you see is what you get and there will never be any modifications to our terms. We will always deliver the prizes in their entirety to the winners and will never come up with any sort of excuses.

You probably have already noticed that there is no small prints in our promotional content. The reason for this is that we believe that small prints go against our transparency policy. Other companies or individuals that organize house raffles often hide technicalities in their small print and the goal of Cloverhut is to avoid that. Manoeuvers other companies carry out to protect themselves include:

  • Offering a less significant cash prize the buyer never agreed to
  • Extending deadlines in order to sell more tickets
  • Deciding not to give away the home in the end as they pocket the majority of the raffle money and give a minority cash prize to the raffle winner

The above-mentioned examples are shocking and disappointing. Fortunately, you will never encounter  ANY of the above-mentioned examples with Cloverhut. We are transparent and always provide you house raffles with no strings attached.

Enter the raffle now with higher possibilities to become a new homeowner and join Cloverclub to take advantage of the exclusive benefits.

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