What is Cloverclub?

The Cloverclub is a community in which winning matters even more. It is a VIP Club in which its members can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks for choosing Cloverclub and our online raffles.

With Cloverclub you subscribe to a number pack. You will monthly pay the amount of the pack that you chose with a 15% off. The service allows you to enter Grand Prize Home and it is the only way to be able to win prizes every week, from cash prizes to a holiday for two in Spain and much more!

You can join it at any time and one of its advantages is that you can select the price that you want to pay for your subscription plan. It is absolutely personalised and you can decide to join for 10 or 100 numbers,. It only depends on what you want to get out of it!

Furthermore, you can unsubscribe whenever you want (your unsubscription will be processed during the next 30 days after you have received the unsubcription email).

Keep on winning by Joining the Cloverclub! Your chances of winning the Grand Prize Home will be multiplied as a Cloverclub member!

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