When will the House Raffle Take Place?

Our online house raffle is officially underway! You could win the Dream Home By the Sea in La Manga del Mar Menor.

Since our raffles are guaranteed, transparent and secured , it is important that we set the Closing Date early.

You can enter our Grand Prize Home Raffle until 21st April 2022! This is the Closing Date which means that you can only enter the house draw until that date. However,  the draw will take place one week later , on 28th April 2022. 

You will be able to follow the raffle live which will be held in front of a notary.  Keep your fingers crossed because the winning number may be yours! 

Get your tickets from just 2€ right NOW! To make it worth your while, we offer you the possibility to upgrade your pack of numbers to Cloverclub. As a member of Cloverclub, you will participate for free in weekly raffles of tax-free cash, tips to Spain and enjoy many other benefits!

Keep in mind that if the tickets are sold out before 21st April 2022, we will bring forward the draw date so make sure you get your tickets as fast as possible! Good luck!

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