Will I Pay Taxes?

We want you to be able to become a new homeowner in Spain from just 2€!

Above all, we want the home to be a gift to the new owner, not a problem. Our homes are carefully selected and we want a person to be able to enjoy a Dream Home that is ready to move into.

Cloverhut accompanies the winner at all times. We will consult the winner's particular situation with a tax advisor to find the best option and make everything the best and simplest way.

In addition, Cloverhut takes care of the notary and management costs involved in the transfer and change of name of the property, costs that in Spain are usually around €3,000 on average.

How much tax do I have to pay if I am not resident in Spain?

To calculate the taxable base, Article 24.4 of the TRLIRNR refers to the Personal Income Tax Act. Thus, the capital gain will be computed at the market value of the asset (the property, in our case) received as a prize.

The applicable tax rate will be 19% for residents of the European Union, Iceland and Norway and 24% for all other taxpayers.

You can participate in the raffle without any worries

In any case, from Cloverhut we have a great interest in our winners enjoy the house without problems.

As soon as we tell you that you are the winner, we will help you fiscally and legally in all the options and actions that you have available so that you can enjoy without surprises of having won a house.

Now you can participate without any worries in the Grand Prize Home Raffle

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